Needs analysis

In the space of SCADA and Industrial Automation, it often happens that several generations of technologies and control strategies have been implemented over the years by different contractors, without the benefit of a cohesive plan. We will review all previous automation projects and meet with all stakeholders to discover and document your core automation needs and develop an implementation plan that will allow you to realize a cohesive vision driven by your core values. 

Standards development

Key to any successful production or process facility is adherence to standards. Modern facilities recognize the need to implement a set of standards in all phases of integration, from naming conventions to security and access. We will build a standard's development team and guide through the process. We will document your standards a implement a program that can grow and change as your needs change.   


Many facilities have grown over time without the benefit of a coordinate documentation infrastructure. The result is a lack of continuity in documentation of processes and equipment. As facilities age, equipment and process are updated and revised, but as-built documentation may not have been required or is no longer available. We will analyze the current state of your facilities and process documentation, identify the needed artifacts to ensure proper maintenance and operations, and create the needed documents to fill the gap. We will also put into place a system that will ensure proper documentation delivery and archiving in the future.

Template Development

HMI and PLC code templates are an important part of standards implementation. By implementing process and operational standards in a set of template libraries, you can be assured that any integrator can be used and the end product will be consistent with your operational and performance requirements. Everything from tag names to operational modes such as lead-lag pumping will be enforced by the code template libraries. These libraries can be technology independent, or rely on the standard PLC/HMI product your organization uses today.

Skills Development

Automation software has matured in par with enterprise level software. It utilizes the latest OS, database, and network technologies. To be an effective industrial automation technician requires the development of such skills as SQL, HTML, OOE, XML, LDAP, CCNA, and MCSE. We can evaluate the current skill level of your staff and recommend public and private coursework that will prepare them to maintain and enhance your facilities. We can prepare training manuals specific to your facility's technologies and implementations, and hold in-house training courses for Operations, Maintenance, Technicians, and Engineers. We can also develop Train The Trainer courses that will prepare your training department to deliver the technology coursework needed for staff development into the future.


The employees at AppIT have been in the integration field for over fifteen years. We have developed greenfield and maintenance integration in the areas of Water, Waste Water, Energy, Parmaceuticals and Food and Beverage. We specialize in Wonderware, Rockwell and Modicon product lines, and are regarded as System Platform experts. 


We have several maintenance contracts with customers throughout southern and central California. We bring our unique philosophy of working together with your staff in building in-house expertise while we maintain your automation systems. We believe that we are not fully successful until we obsolete ourselves by preparing your staff to maintain and enhance your facilities with little or no help from us.